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About Us

About Us

Overview: CityView Real Estate & Property Investments PTY LTD, Australian registered company ACN. 104 672 415 ABN 95 104 672 415. Cityview Real Estate is the one and only boutique style agency owned and operated by the owner and his son. Cityview is proud to say that we give our face to the public; we don’t hide behind a franchise name.

Our business is located at Shop 2/25-35 Park Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220 in the heart of Hurstville CBD opposite Westfield Shopping Centre. CityView Real Estate is a leader in the sale and marketing of prestige properties and all other Real Estate needs, including the Property investment market. We provide our customers with a wide range of properties all over the Sydney metro area, as well as a range of support and other services like property analyses, Property Management, finance, and many other services. CityView’s extensive experience also includes its collective experience of its founders with more than 20 years of Real Estate Sales and extensive Property Management Services. CityView has a track record of sales with a market share of around 60% of all prestige properties sold in St George area, with prices from $100.000′s to Millions. Product Line CityView is a Real Estate company with focus on Residential sales & Management, commercial, Industrial and Property Investments. Our product varies from the small unit to the big end of the town luxury Penthouses, multiply store houses, and Development sites and from the Corner shop to the big industrial site.

For any of the following: Sales or Leasing of Houses, Units, Commercial, Industrial, Development sites or Property Management? Please contact us:


Choosing your investment what should I expect from my investment? How am I going to afford to buy an investment property? What is a negatively geared property? Why purchase new properties rather than old properties? Should I invest in property or shares? When is the best time to invest? What type of property should I buy? Isn’t the property market about to burst? Why purchase “off-the-plan”? Financing your investment do I need to have a deposit? What if I am saving for a deposit, how can I still buy? How much can I afford to borrow? I am concerned about borrowing money and going into a large debt? The bank says I can’t borrow although I know I can afford the repayments? What if interest rates rise? Why do I want an interest-only loan? As a first home buyer, can I claim the Federal Government’s $7,000 rebate? What happens with my deposit when I purchase an apartment off-the-plan? Managing your investment what happens if I can’t find a Tenant? What happens if the property is damaged or if I have a bad tenant? Investing in Australia by foreigners can foreigners invest in Australia? Foreign Investment Review Board. For answers to all these questions please contact us for free information at our office or in the comfort of your home alternatively see our website.

From the Director
Tony Araujo